Discover Our Services

At SAT Japan, your excellence meets innovation. Each client has a unique set of needs, and we are obliged to ensure the satisfaction of our customers by exceeding their expectations and delivering them exceptional services. We offer our customers a comprehensive suite of services, including car insurance, tracking, damage reports, storage services, etc. 

Here is a list of services offered to our customers 

Request a Car Services 

If you have your eyes on a particular car, we can Buy it from auction for you. You can request your preferred vehicle by adding information on the “Request a Car forum”. After receiving your request, our team will immediately work on getting your required vehicle for you. Get hands on your favorite car by checking out our “Request a car service” page.  

Car Tracking Service

Car tracking is a highly efficient technique that assists customers in monitoring and tracking the location of their vehicles. SAT Japan offers its customers car tracking service to determine their vehicle's exact location and get their shipment status. This service assists customers in planning their operations more efficiently.

Also, if the shipment is delayed or there is a route deviation, the customers can communicate with the logistic provider to understand the situation and get to know the expected arrival time. Car tracking service enhances security, provides real-time visibility, and assists clients in knowing the accurate delivery time of the product. To track your vehicle, visit our car tracking service page. 

SAT Japan Storage Services 

Car storage is an important service for all customers who need a secure place to store their vehicles. SAT Japan offers a storage service to all customers who want a storage facility for the shipment of their vehicles. Sat storage facility provides a safe enrichment to vehicles for an extended period, ensuring that they remain in good condition before being delivered. Click ‘SAT Japan Storage Service” for more details. 

Shipping Schedule Services 

To get information regarding our vehicle shipping schedule, ship's name, voyage no. Department ports, and departure, visit our shipping schedule service page.  

Damage Report Services

SAT Japan offers comprehensive damage reports to its customers to help navigate the complexities of vehicle damage. Our team of experts will assess the damage, and if the damage is made on our end, we will take full responsibility for the damage and will also offer compensation or repair to you. For more information, visit our Damage Report Service page. 

SAT Japan Car Insurance 

Car insurance plays a significant role in providing financial protection to customers from unexpected expenses caused by incidents such as accidents. Insurance covers the repair cost up to the vehicle's value. Insurance offers you peace of mind and reduces the financial burden linked with unforeseen events. Visit the SAT Japan Car Insurance Page to find out more. 

Chassis Check Services

Want to get information regarding the manufacturing date of any vehicle you want to purchase? Visit our Chassis Check Service page. 

Auction Services 

At SAT Japan, you can purchase vehicles from our exclusive car auction service. Through our car auction service, you can experience the thrill of competition and excitement as you try to get your hands on your desirable car. 

You can explore an exhilarating range of vehicles at competitive prices that you won’t find elsewhere. There is no middleman involved, so you can enjoy a direct purchase experience with us. Check out SAT Japan Auction Service today.